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Maskey expresses support for tomorrow's University protests

Published: 1 December, 2008

South Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey has expressed his support for students who will be protesting tomorrow throughout the North as part of the Students' Union's campaign for free education for all and to oppose the increase in fees and the removal of the cap on fees.

The South Belfast MLA said,

"All the evidence shows that the introduction of Students Fees has had a significant impact on students studying in our universities, on rising levels of student debt and on the falling numbers of students from disadvantaged backgrounds taking third level studies.

"Added to this is the fact that the world is currently in the grip of an economic crisis. It seem ridiculous, then, that the Minister, Reg Empey, is considering increasing student fees.

"Education is a basic right and should not be the preserve of those who can afford it. I would, therefore, voice my support for tomorrow's protests taking place at University campuses throughout the North".